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Pet Services

Looking for veterinary services in Galesburg?

Animal Medical Center offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in a variety of areas.

Wellness Exams

We recommend a complete annual physical exam for your pet. We have two digital scales to monitor your pet’s weight. During the annual exam we also make assessments of the patient’s skin, ears, eyes, legs, paws, and major organs.


We offer one-year and three-year vaccination programs. Vaccine series begin when your kitten or puppy is eight weeks old and continue for their whole lives. Vaccines are a vital part of protecting your pet against serious illnesses. Three year vaccine plans have been proven equally effective to yearly plans and decrease the risk of vaccine reactions. Our complete vaccine protocols include Leptospirosis vaccination for dogs and feline leukemia vaccinations for any cat with outdoor exposure.


X-rays help us diagnose diseases in parts of the body that are not visible externally. Most pets can have x-rays taken without being sedated. If you pet requires sedation for taking quality x-rays, we offer mild, reversible anesthesia options to minimize anesthesia risk and recovery period. We routinely show x-ray images to our clients so that you can see the structures and better understand the disease process going on inside your pet. Our practice now offers all digital x-ray technology complete with tablet viewing capability for clients in the exam rooms. 


We offer boarding for pets 24 hours per day seven days per week, including holidays. All dogs and cats are housed in our indoor, air conditioned facility in size appropriate cages/kennels. Boarding dogs are walked 4-5 times per day for 5 minutes in the adjacent lot owned by the practice.


  • We feed Science Diet maintenance food to boarders unless a diet from home is supplied.
  • If your pet is on a special diet, please bring enough food for their stay. If you are out of their special food or prefer that we use our own, we will use prescription food from our supply for an extra charge.

Medications and Special Needs:

  • Our staff will administer insulin and give any medications that your pet may require.
  • One of our doctors is available at all times for phone consultation with the kennel techs. We do our best to attend to any medical issues that boarding animals have while in our facility.

Boarding space fills up quickly, (often times one month or more in advance) especially for weekends and holidays. We suggest that you book your boarding times as soon as you know your travel schedule!

Boarding Policies & Procedures

Internal Medicine

At AMC, we pride ourselves on providing quality medicine and care for your pet. Our doctors, staff, and hospital are equipped to manage numerous medical conditions. We regularly diagnose and treat diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, thyroid disorders, infectious disease, cancer, and many other ailments your pet may have.

We offer quality diagnostics through complete blood cell and chemistry analyzers, urinalysis, X-ray, cardiac monitors, blood pressure machine, eye pressure machines and microscopy. We feel client education is a very important part of treating your pets. We keep you up to date with test results, prognosis, and treatment options.

We have the facilities to hospitalize and treat critical patients including heated cages, transfusion equipment, and automated fluid pumps. A staff member is present almost 24 hours a day when needed for critical care patients.


We perform elective procedures for spaying, neutering, declaw, and dentistry daily during the week. Urgent and emergency surgeries are scheduled as needed for cases including orthopedics, tumor removals, and other soft tissue surgeries. Prior to administering anesthesia we offer a pre-anesthetic blood panel to check major organ and cellular functions.

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Galesburg, call Animal Medical Center today at 309-344-3900 or request an appointment now.